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Iwant Iwant

Mixed Media,
200x300x134cm, 2021

This project is inspired by Guy Debord's The Society of the Spectacle. I take the image from real-life materials, and by presenting the process of abstracting landscape architecture into images, I hope to explore the possibility of landscape architecture as an image medium. In today's society, spectacle, as a form of image, is completely enveloping our daily lives. This forces people to see the world through various special media. And it is through these images, we thus accumulated the concepts of the world. Based on this, I decompose the cognitive process of the commodities as spectacle. I try to disassemble the abstract symbols by treating images as a means of interpretation. Through the extraction and combination of the symbols, the work turns the three-dimensional, composite material structure into a flat image, before it is materialized again. A three- dimensional installation is used to present the state of landscape architecture as a medium. I hope that through this intuitive way of presentation, the audience will reflect on the neglect of the thoughts contained in the three-dimensional images as landscape architecture.

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