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Treads of the Wandering Tribe

Mixed Media, Size Variable, 2021

This project is based on my understanding of the religious and cultural practices of Shamanism in Northeast China. I try establishing a concept between the individual and the narrative environment, to reflect on how the masses watch and gaze at the rituals to generate associations and interact with religious concepts, when they come into contact with the religious/cultural activities. This kind of interaction is between the inquirer's “watching” at the external world from a daily perspective and the internal “gaze” of his own thoughts and logic. The interaction between them forms a state of understanding of shamanism. The symbolic logic and structure between these two perspectives continue to conflict with each other, hence a theoretical conjecture with new meanings can be established. Therefore, the work uses the combination of images and installations, through the act of symbolic concepts of objects and the act of watching and gazing experiences, to break away from the established historical concepts of religious and cultural activities, in order to describe and understand the interactive relationship between the religious culture of Northeast China and the people there.

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