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The Matrix

Mixed Media, 80x100cm, 6 panels, 2021

This project originates from the analysis of people's ability to read pictures. Presented in the form of mixed media, it explores the commonality between the way that people read and the way of photographic devices produce images.
The understanding of an image, first starts from the information that one sees on the surface of the image, or the sign, and then, with the association or imagination of
the image, or the vision, which collectively constitute the concept of the image. The artist compares the characteristics of this process of image reading with the camera obscura in a photographic equipment. Both of them functions in this way: allowing the visible light to enter from outside, and then processing them through internal invisible associations and programs.
The work abstracts the invisible parts and uses composite materials to actualize them. In combination with the image produced by the scanner, the work stitches together the visible and the invisible. Therefore, the work itself is argumentation that the way we read pictures and the way photography is produced are a mix of objectivity and association.

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